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“I can’t believe this.” I mutter as I tie my white apron around my waist. “Out of all the things she makes me do, it had to be this; and today as well!” I swear my boss hates me. She always gives me the jobs no one else wants to do. This time it was waitressing. Doesn’t sound bad but that ain’t the problem. It’s the people I’ll be serving that are the problem. I work in a place called Drayton Hall. This is where all the so called ‘upper class’ spend there time. Gossiping and bragging about the many luxuries they have but clearly don’t need. Almost as if there were trying to out do each other. Strangely enough, they all dress like they were from Victorian times. All the women in elegant ball gowns and the men in top hats, some of them wearing monocles and carrying canes. Walking out to the garden party felt like I was stepping back in time. I sighed and straightened my apron. My boss had an eye for imperfections. I scanned the guests. They were all pompous morons. Every single one of them. They would sneer at all the workers and wonder out load to there ‘friends’ how such people are allowed around them. My job was simple. Make sure all the guest’s glasses were topped up with champagne or red wine and to offer food whenever convenient. Tucking some loose hair behind my ear I wandered over to the food table and filled my tray with clean glasses and a fresh bottle of wine. Then I started my rounds.
Things did not go well. They started off normally. The guests reluctantly accepted refills, checking the glasses for finger prints or if the wine was drinkable, but no real comments I could complain about. The day was going rather well. I was just about to take in some empty plates; when disaster struck. There was a loud crash! Then a scream! And then the cacophony of shrikes and bellowing from the guests. I turn to see who caused the riot. It was Kathy. A timid, quiet girl who was a little younger than me. She had dropped her bottle of champagne and it had smashed and gone all over the dress of a very large woman. This was the main issue. The woman in question, was the worst of all the guests. A round woman with a face like thunder. She was wearing a dark red gown with black frills that was now soaked with the same drink she was enjoying. She got to her feet instantly and squealed at the top of her lungs! Kathy was trying to apologise but she just could not be heard over the mammoth of a woman. When she had stopped screaming, she glared down at poor Kathy with her small beady eyes and bawled at her.
“HOW DARE YOU!” She bellowed, “You clumsy OAF! You have ruined my new dress! I will not stand for it! Oh no I expect you to PAY for the damage your foolishness has caused!” Kathy was cowering in fear in front of her. I felt so bad. I couldn’t let her suffer, alone at least. I put down the plates and ran over. I had to do something.
“Is there a problem madam?” I asked keeping calm. The huge woman fixed here gaze on me.
“There is Indeed! Can you not tell you stupid girl!? Your Moronic friend here had vandalized my new dress, and I expect her to pay for it!” Now the logical thing to do here would be to say, ‘I am sorry for the inconvenience, allow me to fetch my boss and she will continue with the matter.’ However I was in no mood to be logical in any form.
“Well maybe if you weren’t so huge she may have missed you!” I retort. Everyone gasped. The woman almost fell back with shock. Kathy was freaking out.
“What are you doing?” She whispered in the small voice. “We’ll get in more trouble.” I brush her off and smile at the reaction I got. The woman’s face was not as red as her ruined gown.
“EXCUSE ME!” She bawled. “I’ll have you know I am not ‘huge’ as you so put it. I am merely big boned!” I raise an eyebrow at this.
“I think the mountain of cake you were shovelling into your mouth earlier begs to differ.” I say, pointing to the last of the pudding that was still on the table. I should know I served most of them to her. The woman was lost for words. Literally. She just gawped at me. Kathy was really scared now. She was even trying to tell the woman she would pay for the dress. I stopped her before she could get out her purse. “Look love.” I said, still staying surprisingly calm, “You clearly have too much money for you own health.” I gestured once more to the cake mound on the table. “So how about you cut my mate some slack and let her off. Just this once?” The woman looked livid. She got back to her feet and opened her mouth and-
“What’s going on here?” I turn my head to see Sue, My boss. A woman in her late 40’s with a burning hatred for her staff and yet a loving passion for her customers. The woman gave me an evil smirk just before she told what had just happened.
“Not only has my gown been soiled by this incompetent child!” She pointed a fat finger at Kathy; who flinched and cowered behind me. “But I have just been insulted by this… This THING!” She was not pointing to me. Thing? Out of everything these people call me; Thing was a new one. Sue glared at us both. Kathy was on the verge of crying. I was beginning to realise what I had done.
“My office, now.” Sue grunted and she pointed a bony finger back at the hall. I walked away without uttering a word. Kathy followed behind wiping away her tears on her shirt sleeve. As I strode back up to the hall, I heard the rest of the guests mutter to there colleagues about what had just happened.
“I don’t think I’m gonna be working here for very much longer.” I mutter as I pushed open the doors of the hall.
Literally wrote this in about 20 minutes.

I know it sucks but whatever lol.
ilovewheatley Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
God damn it Sue!
singingaboutthesnow Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Fuckin Sue, ruining everything!
ilovewheatley Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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